NOTE: Oak Tree Systems is currently revising our product line and software offerings.  New products will be released during the last quarter of 2014.  For information on availability of legacy products, please contact us via email.

Since 1999,  Oak Tree Systems has been a leading provider of signaling, automation, animation, and control systems for model railroads.  We have implemented electronics and software solutions for a wide range of layouts, ranging from small private pikes to huge clubs and museums.  From N-scale to outdoor live steam railroads, we can provide a solution that fits your layout's requirements.

We will work with you, or your custom layout builder, to provide signaling and control systems that meet your exact requirements.  We have provided dozens of control systems and have fine-tuned the development process, making it more affordable than you may think.  You are making a large investment in your model railroad, so don't compromise on your signaling and control system by using "sort of" realistic, off the shelf components.  A custom system can do so much more to make your layout operate the way you want it to.

Please see our "Custom Systems" page for information about signaling, control, and layout automation.  Let us develop a completely prototypical signal system for your layout, as we have done for a number of discriminating modelers and museums!  Whether you have 10 signals or 500, and regardless of the type of signal you utilize, we can operate them in a completely realistic manner.   

You can reach us via email at and by phone at 734-426-3480.